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Timely technical support ensures the trouble-free work  of the site, and in  case of a technical failure, specialists will quickly solve the problem. This approach is much more effective than leaving the site to work without control - then the  failure will lead to a long search and troubleshooting and will cost the company more.


We guarantee the rapid fulfillment of all the tasks set and have a  financial guarantees.

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Monitoring the work of the site 24 hours a day, also controlled the time of renewal of the domain and hosting

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All expenses are transparent. The setting, negotiation and execution of tasks are controlled through CRM

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Setting up CMS Simpla

Setting up CMS Simpla! by a specialist

100 hours of specialist work

100 hours of specialist work (20 €/hour)

40 hours of specialist work

40 hours of specialist work (25 € / hour)

1 hour of specialist work

1 hour of specialist work

Technical Support-700

Complex support of a "full-scale" site - technical support, search promotion, advertising and site development

Technical support-100

Technical support of websites 24 hours a day

Why do you need site support?

Loss of customers

  1. Site positions in the search engines are deteriorating, as there are sites with more interesting and relevant information

  2. You lose customers, because outdated information on the site is unlikely to interest potential customers

  3. An outdated site, whether it's information on the site or its appearance, can harm the company and turn away potential customers

Failures in work

  1. Risk losing your site or domain, forgetting to renew it in time

  2. Risk losing visitors if the site is unavailable

  3. Do not receive new orders if the contact form, website or e-mail will not work

  4. The effectiveness of advertising, promotion and operation of the company as a whole will decrease if the site does not work consistently

No growth

  1. The audience of the site does not grow, but on the contrary, it can be reduced

  2. The site becomes not modern, and clients go to the competitors who offering more modern services

  3. The site's software sooner or later becomes obsolete and this can lead to the vulnerability of the site for viruses and hacking, as well as to the termination of some site services or the entire site

Performed works:


Check the availability of the site, protect against viruses, create backup copies and restore if necessary. Software update, renewal of licenses and certificates

Domain and hosting

Timely renewal of the domain, hosting and other services. Transferring a site from one hosting to another. Contact with representatives of the hosting company in case of failure

Exporting Data

Connection of the site with other systems - 1С, CRM, Bitrix24, Yandex Delivery, Yandex Market, inclusion of payment systems


Optimization of the site, checking for technical errors and their elimination in Yandex Webmaster and Google Search Console. Adding unique meta tags.


Creation of new pages of the site and filling them with information. Writing texts and creating images or banners. Creation of design elements, layout and programming


Creation and maintenance of contextual advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram

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