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Website creation

Nowadays the site is the most modern and an efficient channel of communication with a potential consumer. Only the possibilities of the Internet site allow you to fully use all the methods of informational message delivery to the user.

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Website creation on 1C-Bitrix

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Site functions


Responsible for the formation of the brand of the site owner, his image among the Internet users


Helps sell products or services presented on your site. This function plays a very important role in the work of the online store, all kinds of corporate resources and promotional sites


The fact is that the Internet resource regularly provides visitors with a maximum of updated thematic information

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Full-scale site creation
Website creation on Word Press
Corporate website
Landing page
Online business card
Online store
Adaptation for mobile devices
Site redesign

Business tasks of the site

  • Establishing relationships with new and existing partners of the company
  • Automate business processes, improve quality and increase the speed of service
  • Information services and representation purposes
  • Interactive sales of services and products through the Internet
  • Carrying out of marketing actions in order to increase the trade
  • Organization of product catalogs to share with a wide audience
  • Communications with territorially distributed offices of the company
  • Removal of a temporary restriction on access to company information. Online office 24 hours
  • Support for promotions held outside the Internet
  • Development of a site as a separate type of business
  • Attraction of new clients
  • Development of the company's customer base

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