Technical support-100

Your site is under control!

Technical support and maintenance of the site on a professional level

Protection 24/7

Monitoring the operation of the website and its services round-the-clock

Control of 100%

The fulfillment of all tasks is guaranteed by the quality control department

With safety

Access to the site is securely stored, but the person in charge receives it

Project manager

The project management system controls the terms, tasks and manager

Why us?

Support the site is better to entrust to professionals who have the resources and professionals to perform work quickly and efficiently

An experience

More than 10 years of creating and maintaining websites

A complex approach

Experts not only provide technical support for the site, but also perform additional work if they are required


For each task, we treat attentively and responsibly, so that you can be calm for the result.


We guarantee the fulfillment of tasks in time and give financial guarantees for the achievement of the set goals

Performed works

Works on complex support of the site include 5 hours of specialist work every month

  • Monitoring the work of the site
    Checking website efficiency and recovery in case of failure
  • Domain and hosting renewal
    Monitoring the renewal of domain registration, hosting and other services
  • Monitoring the presence of malicious code
  • Interaction with the technical support of the hosting provider
  • Checking the limits of allocated resources
    Checking the excess disk quota hosting, monitoring the volume of mail services, monitoring the load on the server
  • Checking disabled links
  • Yandex.Webmaster
    Check for technical errors and their elimination
  • Verification of site information on the relevance
    Check the timing of the actions, the relevance of banners and news on the main page
  • Checking on the site's checklist
    Monitoring the work of contact forms, the relevance of the phone number and address on the site, the work of the order form and other services
  • Other works on request
    All kinds of additional work are done at a discount. The task is put by phone, e-mail, through the messenger or in the project management system

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